PARTICIPANTS – Cast | UNTHINKABLE: An Airline Captain's Story

randall-3-300x168-4586831RANDALL PAUL : (Marshall Philips)  – a retired airline captain with over 15,000 hours flying heavy jets who has written several books investigating where the terrorist pilots got their financing and training in order to carry out the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

dennis-4-300x168-4579512DENNIS FITZPATRICK: (Madison Freeman) Best friend of Marshall Philips and an investigative journalist who travels to Murphys, CA to unearth the truth in what appears to him to be a carefully crafted cover-up.


DREW BARRIOS – (Sgt. DeWitt), the local Sheriff whose police work and apparent negligence suggests to Madison Freeman that the true facts of the Marshall “murder-suicide” are of no interest to the police.


CATHERINE JOHNSON (Helen) and  MICHAEL BIESANZ (Woody), the couple who live across the street from Marshall Philips and witness the many strange operations conducted by mysterious Men In Black.


JERRY BELL JR. (Dallas) and DAN KYLE (Danko) the two “Federal Agents” who stalk Marsh Philips and later go after Madison Freeman.


SHADE STREETER (Mike)… Chris Marshall’s best friend, who becomes a person of interest in the eyes of the Two Agents.


SHANNON CHURCHWELL (Chris) and RACHELLE HENRY (Meghan), murdered by their father or innocent victims of an assassination?


DEONE JENNINGS (Sharon) – Marsh’s estranged wife, who blames her soon-to-be ex-husband for her children’s murder.


HEIDI HAWK (Barbara) – Marshall’s sister, incredulous over the many ways her brother is denigrated by law enforcement and the press.


MARCELLA LASCH:  (Attny. Duerr)  Can’t understand why anyone would dredge up something like 9/11 after so many years.

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