PARTICIPANTS – Eric Stacey | UNTHINKABLE: An Airline Captain's Story

eric-1024x664-6221569Eric Stacey (Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor), grew up in Hollywood. Over a career spanning thirty years, Eric worked in film and television as an actor, production assistant, writer, assistant director and editor on features, series and industrials. After co-producing the six hour PBS travel series, “America’s Scenic Rail Journeys,” Eric decided to begin making his own films. In 1998, Eric’s documentary, “The Waldorf Promise,” won the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle.  A number of documentaries followed, as well as Eric’s first feature, “Director’s Cut: Metalface,”

(2003) a micro-budget comedy-horror film (Best Horror/Comedy – Shriekfest). NOTE: The Philips kids watch a clip from “Metalface” the night before they are discovered murdered.  In 2007, having become a permanent resident of Portland, Oregon, Eric teamed up with documentarian Jane Turville to make the acclaimed documentary, “A Passion for Sustainability,” focusing on twelve Oregon businesses following the principles of The Natural Step movement (PBS).   Eric’s second feature (2011) is “Purple Mind,” about an Iraq combat veteran’s struggle adjusting to civilian life while suffering the effects of PTSD.  (Ytinifni Pictures – available from WalMart, Best Buy and online)  (Browse all of Eric’s films at the Landfall Productions website)

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